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Introducing Cherie Logan

Let me tell you something about myself and my homeschooling experience. I am Cherie Logan, married to Dr. Neil C. Logan and the mother of 10 children. Our first child died when he was a baby, which means that I’ve hometaught nine children – and many of their friends. Because of Marshall’s early death, my second child, Chani, is my oldest. When Chani was 11 months old I read an article on homeschooling while visiting a friend. This was in 1981 and until that moment, I had never heard of teaching children at home. After reading the article, I placed it back on the table and at that moment, I clearly and distinctly heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “If you want your children to keep the spirit they come into your home with, then you will homeschool.” Not think about homeschooling, not dabble in homeschooling, not be nice to homeschoolers, but to jump in with both feet – if I wanted their eternal spirit to have the best chance ever to stay the way they were, spiritually, when sent to me. I knew, of course, that I wouldn’t be forced to obey that prompting, but seriously, how could I do otherwise when presented with that sort of clear direction?

I started to study homeschooling and for the next few years, while having two more babies, I read every book and article available. Chani’s birthday is in September, so the September she turned four, I started her on a preschool curriculum. I was so nervous, luckily for me, I had a sister-in-law who had also started to homeschool and my husband’s family was great about the entire concept. My mother-in-law, mother of eight children, once told me that she would have homeschooled all of hers if that sort of option had been available to her. My own mother – not so encouraging, in fact, she disowned me and wouldn’t see or talk to me for over two years because I was ruining her grandchildren’s lives. Even when she got past her initial response, she never once acknowledged any of my children’s achievements even though she rained praises on my sister’s school taught children. By the time my mother died, she was 100% supportive and happy of our homeschooling lifestyle. I know how hard this choice can be.

I went through that preschool year and then Chani’s kindergarten year with a complete package curriculum. I really wanted to get a handle on homeschooling before she started first grade which is the officially required year of school in California. It wasn’t exactly hard, but there were so many things to be insecure about. When Chani was starting 1st grade, I knew I didn’t want to repeat the experiences of the previous two years. She was 6, Ben was 4, Chamrie was 2 and I was very pregnant with Chiya. I called my sister-in-law and asked what she was doing. She told me about Susan.

Susan Nelson, my mentor – what an incredible find for me! I met with her and we talked about my children and about teaching Chani. She gave me suggestions, options, encouragement and in all ways, mentored me into becoming a confident homeschooling mother of my children. She charged me $45/month for an hour visit each month and I paid it for three solid years. It was well worth the price! I met with her for one hour a month for the first two years. She never taught or interviewed my children.  She met with ME and we went over what was happening in our home education. What each child was doing, what I wanted to talk about and have help figuring out. The third year, I found that I only met with her twice, even though I called her several times – the $45/month allowed phone visits instead of personal ones if I preferred – and by the end of that 3rd year when Chani was finishing what would have been 3rd grade in public school, Ben finishing 1st, and Chamrie was right there with him, Susan suggested that I didn’t need her anymore. She was right; I was a fully confident homeschooling mother who was ready to help anybody who needed it. When the next school year started, Chani was 9, Ben was 7, Chamrie was 5 ½, Chiya was 3 ½, and Nathan was 1 ½ and I was happily on my own.

Over the years, I have hometaught all of my children using many different curriculums and including a wide variety of experiences. I’ve used Sonlight – great sounding but too expensive and too structured for my tastes. I used Zion’s School for Children – great philosophy at first but too push for me. My favorite curriculum and homeschool perspective happened when I became friends with Glenn Kimber and with Rachel and Olilver DeMille.

Glenn Kimber quickly became my second mentor and dear friend. I loved Glenn’s guidebooks! They were just enough structure for me without being so much that it hindered the spirit. His educational philosophy and suggestions rang true to me. And Glenn awakened in me a love for history that I had never before experienced. Now I wonder how people ever fully understand their world, culture, and environment – even their own thinking – without understanding history. It is no wonder the Lord recants history repeatedly in the scriptures! Glenn’s curriculum remains the one I most often suggest to homeschooling families looking for just the right amount of structure blended with freedom to enhance each lesson.

Oliver and Rachel DeMille. I can’t say enough good things about them and their homeschooling philosophy. They are the creators of The Thomas Jefferson Education and authors of several articles and books on homeschooling. We are also became very close friends with the DeMille family. I tease them, saying that I was following the TJEd philosophy long before they were even married, had children, and invented the highly popular way of viewing homeschooling. I also insist that I do TJEd “the Logan Way” but in reality, if you do it the way they intend, you will adapt it perfectly to fit your own family.

I have homeschooled through many pregnancies, all of which had me bedridden for months, through nursing babies, homeschooled a son with learning difficulties, a daughter who thrived on constant mental input, and have even taught many additional children and youth who have come to our home for Mom School learning.

This is me, with over 30 years of active involvement in homeschooling and mentoring both mothers and teens in this wonderful adventure.

Cherie Logan is a family life mentor, author, public speaker, homeschooling coach, doula, childbirth educator, nursing coach, grief and trauma management coach, an expert on personal and family communication, and member of the Family Life Coaching Group.

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The Family Life Coaching GroupMentoring Great Families – Cherie is available as a Family Life Mentor, instructor, and as a public speaker. If  you would like to schedule her as a speaker or to teach a class or seminar, please contact The Family Life Coaching Group for more information.

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