Jalyn Bertagnolli

Jalyn Bertagnolli has been organizing her life and helping others get better organized for over 30 years.  Last year she took her skills to a professional level and is now a Certified Professional Organizer with training in both Residential and Corporate Organization.  The systems she installs are the best she has found, not only for getting organized, but staying that way with little effort.  She owns Organized Clear and Simple and helps people get control of their homes and their lives. She is also the creator of Faces of Depression.

Jalyn is a gifted speaker and has taught and inspired people in many settings, from small private groups of less than a dozen to conventions where she has taught break out classes to hundreds.  She joined the Family Life Coaching Group with a passion to help families become their very best.  She joins a team of speakers that provide a wide variety of topics to help families.

Jalyn has served as the president of 5 different organizations and taught numerous classes on many subjects related to organization, parenting, communications and family history; to name just a few.

Jalyn has been married to her sweetheart for 30+ years and is the proud mother of 9 children with 6 sons-in-law and lots of grandchildren.