Chamrie-05-candlesbookstoys Homeschooling was fairly new when I first heard about it and embraced the lifestyle in 1981. In 2013, my youngest is still being hometaught but my  active role as teacher is almost retired. My older children are now or planning on homeschooling their children Рthey are 2nd generation homeschooling moms!

Homeschooling has become a viable option throughout the country, and this 2nd generation of homeschooling mothers are emerging. They know what it was like, they know what they want for their children, they know how they want to improve the process, and they have more options than their parents did. But – they have also discovered, that many things about being a mom and a teacher remain the same.

Here is a place for today’s homeschooling moms, both those new to the adventure and those 2nd generation who lived it, to connect with each other and with those “retired” 1st generation homeschooling moms who have already paved the way.

From Homeschooled to Homeschooling, it is about the constant flow of support and ideas on how to manage the lifestyle while building a family culture of faith, love, connection, and success. Over the years, my goal has always been to help each woman become a confident homeschooling mom who guides and grows with her children as they become a spiritually centered, educationally self-motivated, socially well-adjusted, and playfully connected family.