Don’t Overwork the Teacher!

Cherie Logan’s How-to Tips for Easy Homeschooling

Cherie Logan’s How-To Series for Easy Homeschooling – Developed and proven from the more than thirty years that Cherie’s has been teaching her children and their friends and mentoring two generations of homeschooling moms. This volume offers tips and insight into making homeschooling easy, guilt-free, and enjoyable for both the new and the experienced homeschooling mom.

When asked what her number one tip of all time would be, Cherie quickly responds, “Don’t overwork the teacher. If the teacher burns out then the mom burns out and the homeschooling ends.”

This concise book is all about starting and maintaining your home school without becoming overwhelmed by the lifestyle. In its pages, you will find Easy Tips for Building a Confident Homeschooling Mom and her Spiritually Centered, Educationally Self-Motivated, Socially Well-Adjusted, and Playfully Connected Family.

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Read Me a Book – Tell Me a Story 

Cherie Logan’s Reading Tips for Easy Homeschooling

When I started to write this 2nd Tips volume, it was specifically directed to the homeschooling family. But as the writing unfolded, I realized that it was really directed to every family and to every age. The first purpose of this volume is to share tips on teaching reading and developing a love of reading. The second purpose is more about creating a family culture of reading and learning through written and recorded words. Building a family takes work. That is such an obvious statement, but it doesn’t have to be all washing dishes and refereeing arguments. The biggest part of the work of raising a family is setting a path that leads to a specific destination and then, with day-by-day consistency, walking that journey.  A family culture of reading books, watching movies, listening to stories, and sharing conversations about those tales builds a unity that lasts beyond school years and the childhood family.

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